Gallery Nomart 「Linocut」

2021.9.4(sat) – 2021.10.2(sat)
13:00 – 19:00 日曜・祝日休廊
Closed on Sundays and National Holidays


今村 源, 稲垣 元則, 田中 朝子, 張 騰遠 チャン テンユァン , 東影 智裕, 山田 千尋
Hajime Imamura, Motonori Inagaki, Asako Tanaka, Chang Teng-Yuan, Tomohiro Higashikage, Chihiro Yamada

22021.9.4(sat) – 2021.10.2(sat)
13:00 – 19:00 日曜・祝日休廊
Closed on Sundays and National Holidays

Gallery Nomart


林 聡 (ギャラリーノマル・ディレクター) コメント


Linocut —To pursue the unique depth and the freedom of thinking of a primitive technique.
Attention to the expression from the six artists challenging the technique for the first time!

As the title suggests, under the theme of linocut(a types of letterpress), we commissioned six artists to create artworks using linocut for this exhibition. This is the first time for all of them to use the technique in their works, and it is also an experimental attempt for the gallery, which possesses a print studio, to start from scratch.

As it is an extremely simple technique, carving by hand, and printing on paper by using a roller, many people have experienced it in their childhood and it has been loved for a long time. We consider it as an opportunity to present the attractiveness of a primitive printmaking by reattempt the technique in this digital age now in this exhibition. How will the artists, who usually creates distinctive works, digest the theme and present it in their own expression? Please look forward to the exhibition.

Satoshi Hayashi (Art director of Gallery Nomart)

linoleum prints— Linocut is the simplest type of print, famous for Picasso and Matisse. It is the same type as wooden prints to use letterpress. However, linocut is featured as no restrictions like the direction of wood grain, and it is softer and easier to engrave. This characteristic is probably the reason why it is often used as a teaching material for elementary school students. This project is a group exhibition to gather the prints created using only linoleum, a graver and Japanese paper, which reveal the essence of simplicity. We believe there will be new discoveries can be made by leaving the everyday media and approaching freely.
Starting from linocut, we create a free expansion from there.